Planning & Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for regulating development within the Town of Harrisburg. 


Planning staff performs: 

  • Architectural plan reviews
  • Handles rezoning cases
  • Handling of any questions regarding the development of land in Harrisburg
  • Site plan reviews
  • Subdivision processing

Zoning staff issues zoning compliance permits performs regular inspections to ensure compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance, as well as investigates citizen complaints regarding possible zoning ordinance violations.


The Planning and Zoning Department issues Zoning Compliance Permits, which are required for any development or construction project. The Cabarrus County Building Standards Department will not issue a Building Permit until a Zoning Compliance Permit has been obtained from the Town of Harrisburg Planning and Zoning Department. Applications for Zoning Compliance Permits may be found on this site and must be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department in person or by fax for processing.

Land Use Plan

Development in the Town of Harrisburg is guided by the Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan, created in partnership with the Cabarrus County Planning and Development Department.


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