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Please NoteIf you need assistance, please contact us during office hours, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, at 704-455-7275 or the specific phone numbers shown below. 

Staff Directory:

Jim Spina: Parks & Recreation Director: [email protected] / 704-455-0726

Shawn Marble: Assistant Parks & Recreation Director: [email protected] / 704-455-0724

Erin Kegley-Parris: Recreation Manager: [email protected] / 704-455-0723

Mike Kirby: Recreation Coordinator: [email protected] / 704-455-0725

George South Jr.: Recreation Coordinator: [email protected]

McKenzie Burleson: Events Coordinator: [email protected] / 704-455-0745

Kathleen Greene: Administrative Support Specialist: [email protected] / 704-455-0722

Ken Baucom: Park Superintendent: [email protected] / 704-455-0736

Matt Miller: Facilities Maintenance Supervisor: [email protected] 

Facilities Maintenance Specialists: Garrison Quay, Chad Thinnes, Clint Collins, Jeff Boyer, Ray Bart, Paul Carney

Mission Statement

"Dedicated to Making a Great Community"

We are committed to providing safe and inviting parks and facilities, meeting current and future community needs through meaningful and diverse recreational programs, cultural activities and services.

Our staff is responsive, positive and ethical in their dedication to delivering:

  1. Personal Benefits that develop personal growth, strengthen individual self-esteem, enhance quality of life and offer something for everyone. 
  2. Social Benefits that strengthen and bond families and unite and connect people within our evolving diverse community while promoting healthy lifestyles.
  3. Economic Benefits and Opportunities that welcome new business, relocation of business and expansion of business which leads to a more productive work force and increased tourism opportunities.
  4. Environmental Benefits that protect and preserve our historical and cultural heritages and protect and preserve lands and open space while maintaining the natural beauties of Harrisburg. 

About Us

Harrisburg Parks and Recreation Department and youth sports programs have a long-standing tradition of strong community support and volunteerism. In the early 1990s, volunteers with the Harrisburg Youth Association (HYA) consolidated all local youth sport leagues under HYA with major sponsorships from Land O’ Frost and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Over time, league participation grew beyond the capabilities of an all-volunteer staff. 

Harrisburg Parks and Recreation Department was created to meet the growing community need for organized recreational and athletic programs. Today, the Department serves more than 3,500 adults and children from Harrisburg and neighboring communities enrolled in year-round sports leagues, recreational sports like tennis and running and special programs like summer camp, Zumba, karate and more. The Department also hosts over a dozen family events throughout the year, including community concerts, Movies in the Park and holiday events.

Several of the current and previous members of Harrisburg Town Council were instrumental in the creation of HYA, including Mayor Steve Sciascia and former Councilwoman Benita Conrad. Harrisburg Youth Association continues to operate as a 501 (c) (3) under town management as a fundraising organization to support and expand recreational opportunities in Harrisburg and has recently been renamed Harrisburg Community and Youth Association (HCYA).

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