The Finance Department is responsible for the acquisition of goods and service for the Town’s operations. These commodities must be obtained at the best available prices using tax dollars and following Federal, State and Local policies regarding the expenditures of public funds. 


Prior to establishing a relationship with a new vendor, the Vendor Set-up forms must be completed and turned into the Finance Department. The Finance Department processes payments to vendors every Tuesday. This schedule may change due to holidays. Invoices are paid according to the terms stated on vendor invoices. If terms are not stated on the invoice, it is assumed the terms are net 30 days.

Form 1099 Miscellaneous Income is sent to all vendors who have received over $600 in compensation from the Town of Harrisburg. This form is sent out by the end of January for the previous tax year.

Outreach for Minority Business Participation

View the Outreach Plan and Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection of Minority Businesses for Participation in Town of Harrisburg Building Construction or Repair Contracts (PDF).

Additional Information

For any questions relating to purchasing, please contact Lori Nash at 704-455-0704 or by email.

  1. Vendor Set-Up
  2. RFP/RFQ

All new vendors must complete a Vendor Participation Application and submit to the Finance Department. If the transaction is subject to formal bidding requirements, as outlined by the North Carolina General Statutes, then the E-Verify Affidavit must also be completed and submitted. New vendors should also make themselves familiar with the Terms and Conditions, as set forth by the Town of Harrisburg.