• Your trash should be placed in tied plastic bags before putting it into your garbage container.
  • Roll your containers to the road the night before your collection day. Collection routes are serviced beginning at 7 a.m.
  • During holiday weeks, garbage and recycling collection may operate on a one-day delay. Friday collection routes will be picked up on Saturday during holiday weeks.
  • Only household garbage and standard recycling materials will be picked up by Waste Pro. Garbage is picked up weekly and recycling is picked up bi-weekly. Call Waste Pro at 980-255-3800 to schedule bulk item pick up for oversized items that do not fit in carts.
  • Please curb your container properly: within five feet of the road, clear of trees and overhanging limbs, with cartwheels away from the road (lid hinge away from the road).
  • Do not place the container next to your mailbox.
  • Place everything inside the garbage container. Do not place anything on top of the container.
  • Do not use trash containers or any garbage containers other than the container issued by Waste Pro.
  • If you are consistently filling your container, you can request a second one from Waste Pro at 980-255-3800. A second container will be delivered to you at cost. The Town is only responsible for the cost of one container per household.

When in Doubt

Not sure if it is recyclable? When in doubt, throw it out! A small amount of non-recyclable materials can ruin thousands of pounds of recyclable goods.